Current project: End tables

Bought these beauties from ReHouse a couple of months ago, for $20 each,
20130609-191726.jpg 20130609-191807.jpg

Sanded all the veneers off.
20130609-191840.jpg 20130609-191853.jpg

Filled up the divots, cracks, and gaps with spackle. Sanded those smooth. Painted the tops white (which ended up being 2 coats of Zinsser Smart Primer and about 3 coats of Valspar White latex paint). Applied a single coat of Poly for now (I plan on doing more later).

And now today, I’m working on trying to restore the brass trims since I scuffed a lot of it up during the sanding step (oops). DREMEL TIME BABY!
20130609-192000.jpg 20130609-192116.jpg

Although, it doesn’t look like the current buffing tool bit I have is doing anything much to the scuff marks, it’s just shining the brass up. I did buy this kit from Home Depot ($16) as a *just-in-case* buy. Looks like I might have to use the little fan-like tips (upper row, the two on the right) to try to feather out the marks. They are actually sanding bits, not polishing bits. So I’m a bit nervous. Brass is apparently a very soft metal (nothing like learning things the hard way) – so by running a sanding bit on top of this soft metal seems like I’m taking this down in the wrong direction just further. But there’s only one way to find out!


Once I get the brass parts done, then I’ll paint the bottom part a navy blue. (Although right now, the bare wood is looking kinda sexy to me. So I might change my mind!)


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