Plants galore!

Status on my plants: all most are thriving! Woot!
My veggies (banana peppers, bell peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli and cilantro):

My topsy-turvy planter, the only thing I added in here this year are the pansies. The rest are all coming back in from last year! I have noooo idea how or what to do with this when it’s time to move. Leave it behind? Try to salvage it? They’re all held up by the rebar pole running through the center. If I pull it apart, I don’t think I would be able to restack them in this configuration again.
And just to the right of my stacked pots here, are the balloon flowers that I transplanted from a friend’s garden into here. It’s a success! I can’t wait to see if it actually blossoms!


My African violets! Of the 8 pots I have (yes, 8 pots… these were leftover from centerpieces for a birthday party that I helped throw last year!), only one is blooming – but I am THRILLED! I thought they wouldn’t bloom again.

My jade plants (and Burro’s Tail) seem to be doing ok… hey, they didn’t die yet so far. Let’s just say… my luck with succulent plants is just as good as my work-trip-weather luck.

20130609-172137.jpg 20130609-172205.jpg

My elephant palm tree is starting to annoy me. But I don’t know how to give it a haircut (“leaf cut?”) without it looking weird. I HAVE to keep this on a high perch somewhere because the leaves are so long. In the picture below, you can sorta see how the leaves are starting to go beyond the second shelf below.

My porthos is definitely doing just fine! This is the same plant that was once approx. 20 feet long before I cut it back. It’s STILL kicking!

This orchid, though. I think I’m gonna have to call time-of-death on this one. The sole leaf rotted off last week. There’s been no blossom action on the stem. Hmph. June 9th, 5:21pm. Moment of silence please.


Time to ceremoniously dump this one into the garbage. Anyone need a dragonfly clip?


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