New Rug!

The living room (family room? tv room? great room? entertaining room? I don’t what I’ll really call it yet) has all hardwood floors in there, and because of that, I want to get an area rug to put down in the room. Preferably by the time I move in, so that I won’t have to deal with moving furniture around at a later time.

Here’s the pic of the room again:


So I called on girlfriend’s help (thanks zlie!) and between her and I, we threw together a quickie diagram of what the living room would be in measurements:
Red = 8×10′ rug. Yellow = 6 x 9′ rug.
Blue and Green = current furniture.

Another one of my friends just bought a bunch of stuff from and they really followed through for her. She now has a dining room that is magazine-spread worthy! One of the items she bought was a rug, which I absolutely love, so I hauled butt over to the site and started checking it out.

Problem: There were WAY too many choices for me.
One thing about me is that when I am presented with too many options, I will shut down.
And leave.
And then regret that I left.

Thankfully, Zlie prompted me to pick whatever rugs that appealed to me, send her the whole batch of choices and she would help me narrow it down from there.

Well, starting out with 23 initial choices, she whittled down the pool to a much more palatable number of 5. I asked a few more friends for their opinions, and then walked away for about half a day so that I can “take a step back” and be able to look at the choices again with fresher eyes.

That proved to be VERY helpful, as I was able to almost immediately narrow it down to just 2 choices. It boiled down to color versus neutrals.
I am now one rug richer! Sabrina Soto would be proud!



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