SOLD. And hmm….

So I did a drive-by of the house today, because on Wednesday – we had a series of massive thunderstorms that dumped about 2.5 inches of rain in a matter of hours, where I did end up having to drive through a mini-flood that day!

(photo courtesy of WHEC10 TV Facebook page)

I heard that there was an area in town that looked like a mini-tornado went through and downed a lot of trees, and my new house is pretty close to that area. Hence the drive-by… I was curious to see if the house was affected by the storms. I’m glad to report that there was no damage in the other other than a couple of twigs laying about!

But I did see something interesting…
SOLD! (So I guess this makes it official now, even though I still don’t know when I’m closing yet. I’m still “on target for July 17th.”)

But waiiiiiit-a-minute. What’s that there? Over to the right.


Hmmm, I think I know what’s going to be one of my first house projects.


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