Washer go!

So… big house ticket items #2 and #3 has been purchased! Gots me my new washer and dryer!

Of course, nothing is EVER easy or simple. This purchase started last Saturday, when I went into Best Buy to start checking out what’s out there and kickstart the whole research process of what to get. I spoke with a nice girl in their appliance department there, who was very candid with her thoughts and recommedations on the whole washer-dryer world (which, between you and me, I wholeheartedly appreciate this over any sales shtick). She also mentions to me that “Today is the last day of the sale prices on these units.” Fast forward a couple of hours later, after checking out ratings on Consumer Reports and price-comping, and because there’s not enough time for me to drive back out to the actual store to buy before closing time, I’m ordering a set from Best Buy online. Done!

Hah, famous last words.

Zlie was awesome enough to let me know that there were other stores that were kicking up new promos for the Fourth of July holiday, and to just check it out to be sure I’m good. So I did, hmm, I see that Best Buy is still selling the same units at the same sale price. (Remember, last Saturday was supposed to be the “LAST DAY!”). Strike 1.

Anyway, I find out that Home Depot is having a promo that would turn out to be overall cheaper for me to buy the exact same set, which also includes the extra parts I need for the installation to happen. Home Depot and Sears both TELL me about these necessary parts in the process of ordering. With Best Buy, only in the fine prints of my email confirmation do I find out that was something I needed to be sure to have on hand. Hmph. So this makes me think that I would have been caught off guard at delivery time for them to install and I would then have to buy the parts from the installers for full price. Strike 2.

So off I go back to Best Buy this morning, to see if they would be willing to price match (since that’s one of their things they offer in store) to Home Depot’s promo deal and also to find out a little more about these “parts.” They agreed to be able to price match and also sell me all these parts at Home Depot’s prices. Awesome. But there’s a little problem – they couldn’t adjust the sales from my online order because it was an online order. So I have to go call the online customer service to do the whole price adjustment. Fine fine… I go home.

Guess what? I think the dude who I spoke with for Best Buy’s customer service needed a coffee or a beer, because he wasn’t having it. He kept flat out refusing to price match. STRIKE THREE. Cancelled my order with them on the spot.

Drove back to the store to return the stupid parts. I debated on going to Home Depot first to make the necessary purchase but decided that I’m going to see if the people in Best Buy would be able to rectify the situation. They came through, gave me an extra $50 in instant rebates (on top of the price match) AND because I signed up for their reward point system, I’ve essentially saved $125 off the washer-dryer purchase! Not to mention that these were already on sale to begin with ($140 saved from sale price)! That means I’ve saved $265 total. YEAH!


Too long; didn’t read?
Best Buy Online?  Bad. In-Store? Good.
I saved $265 on buying a new washer and dryer that I had to get.


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