Next steps.

Final walkthrough is happening at 4pm today!
Gonna go and check for a whole bunch of things at the place (think: light bulbs, air filters, checking for the fixes I requested, etc, etc etc)! I plan on taking pictures too!

Thennnnnn… moving? No, not yet. Remember, the previous owners had 2 dogs and two cats at the place. I’m allergic. So those two things don’t really play nice with each other.

I have arranged for a cleaner to come through and do a basic cleaning of the empty place on Tuesday afternoon (she was recommended by a good friend). I want the previous cat and dog stuff OUTTA there.

Plus having all the bathrooms, walls, baseboards, surfaces all done for me? That’s gonna help me out a lot, since I’m already trying to clean as I pack at my current place. More cleaning just seems like torture to me!

Then the actual MOVE! I don’t know when yet, but I’m hoping that it’s gonna happen Wednesday afternoon. I put a phone call into a moving company to see if I can book their services then, but they are closed today so I should know tomorrow. My backup movers can move on Thursday afternoon, but I really want to just get in there and start getting down to business!


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