First delivery!

Not too terribly exciting to see or hear if you’re not living at this place… But I’m ecstatic about having my new washer and dryer having been delivered and installed yesterday! Best Buy gave me a two hour window of their arrival time (much better than cable companies’ usual window of 5 hours!)

They came. They delivered. They installed. And they even told me that some of the accessories I had ready weren’t needed since some existing parts were of better quality. (Ican return it and get money back? Thumbs up!)

24 hours later. I’ve already done 4 loads!

Now I really need to figure out how to get this nasty stink of cat and dog OUT. Ugh. I’ve already used up an entire bottle of “Urine Gone,” an Arm & Hammer carpet deodorizer for pet odors, grouts been sanitized. Most of the smell is now coming from the unfinished part of the basement, where they kept the cat litter boxes. Ick.


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