It is now an all out war on this wet dog and cat pee smell that WILL NOT VACATE THE PREMISES. Cat pee stink is all in the unfinished part of the basement, while the rest of the house = wet dog stink.

ATTEMPT 1: Carpet cleaning and cleaning lady. Cleaning lady showed me that the dark tan grout lines in the basement is really white. Gross. (by the way guys, the pic below is actually two different floors, “Old” is Kitchen and “New” is basement – but the grout color was the same!)

ATTEMPT 2: Arm & Hammer “Pet Fresh” powder on carpets.

ATTEMPT 3:  Full bottle of “Urine Gone!” All over the basement, both in finished and unfinished areas.

ATTEMPT 4: Two full jugs of vinegar in unfinished area.

ATTEMPT 5: “Nature’s Miracle” on carpet.

Seriously, it stinks. The only thing that helps is keeping my windows open and letting the fresh air in. I can’t do that all the time though!

I do have some last resort plans in mind.
For the carpeted areas: Rip up the carpet and get new carpet, since I like having the carpet where it is, but I have thought about other flooring alternatives. For the unfinished part of the basement: Kilz Primer with stain and odor block. But these are my last resort options, I have a couple other attempts lined up.

In the spirit of the quote from the movie 300



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