Mailbox cover: Kara-fied!

If you recall, there was a mailbox decoration that wasn’t exactly up my alley.


Well, thankfully – it was just a large magnet! I peeled that baby right off, gave it a good wipe down and broke out my spray paints. I decided to do some tone-on-tone chevron stripes, to give it a more modern look, using purple.

First, I gave it a few light misty coats of light purple.




Then, after I gave it a week to let the paint completely adhere to the vinyl material, I used delicate painter’s tape to mask out the stripes. I started by making a large X through the middle, then I made the triangle lines on all 4 edges. Once I did that, I gave it a couple of light misty coats of a darker purple (sorry, I forgot to to take pictures of this step!). Once I finished the third coat, I peeled the tape off right away and let it dry.


I had a very brief moment of a panic attack when some friends asked me if I wasn’t concerned about it looking a lot like the old Confederate flag. What?! Wait, no. It’s gonna be draped over a mailbox, it won’t look like it once that happens. Right? Yeah. I’m sure it’s totally going to be fine.


Yeah, it’s fine!


AHHH. Much better.


3 thoughts on “Mailbox cover: Kara-fied!

  1. WHOA awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thats super!!!!!!!!!! Your mailbox puts the others to shame, while before, the OTHER boring mailboxes put your old one to shame. Haha!

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