The Pee and Poo Powder Room

Downstairs Powder Room: Long story short = I’ve given it THREE paint jobs so far, and I still hate it. Fourth one is going to be a charm. It better be.

NOTE: I don’t really have any great before pictures, as this was taken back when I first moved in! What can I say? I was in a rush! I wanted those dingy yellow walls gone as fast as I could! Sorry for lousy pics, but you get the idea, the room looked blah.




I sanded the walls down. Taped all the edges off. Then for the color – I wanted to pick a color that was a COLOR, but still agreed harmoniously with the bright teal front door (since the powder room was right off from the door). So I thought: Why not stay within that teal color family then, just go lighter! So I mixed my own color by using the sample jars of teal blue paints I had from the front door with a leftover half-gallon of white paint that the previous homeowners left behind. First I experimented with the paint right on the wall to determine what shade I liked the best. I liked the medium teal, where it didn’t look too white, but not too matchy-matchy with the front door. So off I went to mix it all up.

PR_PaintSwatchFar PR_PaintSwatchpaint

With the room all prepped, I went to town! But then I noticed as the paint dried, that I forgot something pretty essential – PAINT DRIES DARKER! Which meant that when I went to mix up my paint to match the swatch I liked on the wall, I didn’t compensate for the drying factor. Ugh. Now I have almost matchy-matchy colors.


It was late. I was frustrated. I called it a night.

I gave myself about a week to see if I would be fine with the color, or to come up with a different idea – such as going out to buy white paint to add back into my too dark batch of paint. During this time, I also toyed with the idea of stenciling something onto the walls in a lighter color. I nixed the idea because I felt like it would be too kid-room-sy. I love stencils – but I think they work best with neutral colors, not bright colors. Anyway – I stumbled across the idea of ombre’d walls and thought that would be fantastic to give it a shot!

So coat #2 went up.

But I could not, for the life of me, get the blending to look right. I spent about two hours trying to blend and blend and blend and blend and blend…. ugh. It now looked like a beach room. Done by a second grader. It was bad. I disapprove. Reject. Go away. *shutting eyes*

PR_coat2start2 PR_coat2start

PR_coat2finish2 PR_coat2finish

A week later, I was back in that tiny room (4.5 x 3.75′) putting up coat numero tres. I grabbed a quart of white paint and dumped it unceremoniously into the homemade mixed teal paint.

PR_coat3start2 PR_coat3start


Since all of that tape had been up there since the first coat, I used a Xacto-like knife to slice away the dried paint before ripping it off.



ta-dah. I still hate it. It’s now a baby boy’s blue.


Whatever. It’s fine for now. (I did all of these coats back in early September, and the room still has that wet paint smell!) Meanwhile, I’m back at the drawing board. I think this time, instead of going lighter on the teal paint spectrum, I’m going to go darker. I saw this picture with paint swatches at Lowes, and the coloring of the furniture is quite similar to the bathroom’s vanity and the ORB’d hardware in there. Meet Valspar’s Jackson Glen. The next contender.



8 thoughts on “The Pee and Poo Powder Room

  1. at least it’s a teeny tiny room hahahaha. and it’s paint. and you didn’t spend a LOT of moolah on it. and it’s all about experimentation. though the fact that it still smells like wet paint is baffling.

  2. Hi I just clicked over from yhl. I have to say the colors arent bad but its the floor throwing it all off. I believe yhl has a bathroom floor similar and they went a gray. Im finally realizing that gray goes w everything! As much as I love color its hard to admit

    • Oh yes Rachel! It is a nasty peel and stick tile in there, that was done poorly (they didn’t even line up the tiles and there’s a few gaps in between the tiles). You’re right – it’s the flooring that makes the walls look bad. I’m hoping by picking the darker teal color, it falls into the same jewel tone family that the little burgundy “stars” in the tiles lives in. *cross your fingers for me*

  3. Maybe you could try a deep brown floor that will compliment the blue you want, but then that would require dealing with the toilet. 😦 fingers are crossed**

  4. I just found you from your comment on YHL. Bathrooms are the worst to paint! (Okay, kitchens are a close second.) All those angles, cramped quarters, getting behind the toilet… ugh. I’ve learned to sample colors and look at them for days before painting. I also don’t care how much paint costs (especially for small rooms) because my labor is worth way more than any gallon of paint (even if it’s a $65 gallon!). I actually like the color of this powder room and we had a similar color in our last house. We had a bronze-ish mirror and dark brown accessories and it played down the baby-ness of the blue. It could work!

    • Yes Keeley! It’s really hard to paint in small bathrooms! Add on to all of those that it’s strictly a one-person job because there’s no way you could have two people in there at the same time. I don’t mind the painting part, its the taping part that kills me. I am nowhere nearly as talented as Sherry from YHL is, so jealous!

      • Here so late . . . but I was reading about paint colors on YHL. We are moving into a new build apartment, and they’ll paint for us (and pay!) if we pick colors. So nervewracking because I can’t hold up swatches or look at the light, so I have my fingers crossed.

        Definitely practice cutting in like Sherry does! I also hate taping so decided to figure it out. I watched her videos a ton and then just tried it. I kept a damp rag with me until I got the hang of everything. But, honestly, took me about an hour of painting trim in a room and then I had it totally down! Now that I don’t have to tape, the painting is not so bad. I do all the cutting in and my husband rolls out. Hopefully, the paint colors I just picked will work great, and I won’t have to worry about it. We’ll see!

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