Color themes, by room.

I’ve been thinking on colors for my place, this is [hopefully] gonna help me try to figure out what I want in the long run. I know I love the bright colors.

Living Room: Orange for sure (hello new rug!), Purple, and White. (but a fave blanket I use all the time is pink…. hmm)
Picture of Inspiration: Urban Barn store from Toronto

Kitchen: I have lots of reds in my own utensils/appliances. Current curtains in there (from previous owners) has reds and oranges, and the walls are a warm yellowish orange. I have my FLOR carpet in there, which is made up of oranges, purple-fuschias, and reds.

Dining Room: …. No idea. I need a new dining table and chairs.

Master Bathroom: Gray and white. I’ve painted it gray and added a white clock.
MB_before copy MB_after1 copy

Master Bedroom: …. ummm, I have a dark gray bedspread. No idea.

Powder Room: Thinking about blue/teal to work with front door/foyer teals. If that fourth paint job doesn’t work out, then I’ll go with some tone-on-tone neutrals.


2nd Bathroom: I haven’t really thought too much about this yet. The walls are still the original yellow color. I’m thinking of maybe going with an industrial-steampunk style with this room. But that’s just the current thought of the moment.

Deck: I’m thinking warm colors – like oranges/reds/yellows. Maybe aqua-turquoise blue accents. Definitely a modern theme, with some bohemian/Moroccan pops.


4 thoughts on “Color themes, by room.

  1. Found you through YHL too! Orange is becoming a new fave color of mine. Especially when paired up with warm woods like the ceiling in the Asian room you showed. Love it. Looking forward to seeing more posts!

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