Many Updates…

Yikes, it’s been since October since I’ve last posted. There’s been plenty of things that’s happened since my last post!

A weekend trip to Raleigh to see a girlfriend. I kept remarking on how I felt the whole area reminded me SO MUCH of Fairfax, VA! I spied a new store that I thought was really neat to check out, Moon and Lola. They’re an accessories (mostly jewelry) store apparently really well known for their monogram necklaces. I loved loved loved the store’s decorations! Their marquee letters, bright pink seating, white rhino, vintage lighting, exposed brick wall and white shelving. There was nothing I didn’t like in there! On that trip, I ate my first beignet at a place called Sugarland. And there’s Kitty Coco, her kitty! I am a complete pushover for all calico kitties. This one had me wrapped around her little paw.
Photo Nov 02, 12 05 49 PM Photo Nov 03, 4 47 38 PM Photo Nov 03, 4 42 24 PM  Photo Nov 02, 11 47 47 AMIMG_5508Photo Nov 02, 11 44 00 AM Photo Nov 02, 9 56 10 PM

Happy Halloween! Where I spent the holiday with the nephew trick or treating. He dressed up as a Cool Cruel Ghoul this year. The black candelabra in the picture below was a mini-DIY project. It was originally a brass one that I bought from a thrift store and hit it up with black spray paint. Once dried, I put in color drip taper candles (where the melted drips are of a different color). That was a HUGE hit with the kids! “Look! It’s bleeding!”

Happy Thanksgiving! I celebrated the actual turkey day with a friend’s family, and then celebrated it again with friends. My two plates below! *burps*
IMG_5908 thanksgiving13 IMG_6014 1477661_10202684325292847_619474767_n

Photo Mar 26, 12 48 04 PM

Merry Christmas! (and Happy Hanukkah!) Check out Fuzzy’s (my nephew’s kitty) swanky suit.. hahaha! He was pretty cool with it as long as we didn’t try to give him his reindeer antlers to wear. Although I noticed he was *much* more playful once he wriggled out of the suit an hour later. I decorated my new place with some candles in the window, two wreaths, and my tree (yes, people, it’s a FAKE tree – go ahead, go on, and shout out your horrors and shake your heads, get all that out of your system. I still love my tree!) I didn’t go all out with my decorations this year, though I did buy one new decoration item – an LED lit hanging basket. It was originally filled with cranberries and pinecones, which I felt was a tad too traditional for my current tastes, so I yanked them all out and replaced them with my candy-colored ornament garland and extra ornaments in the basket.
IMG_6274  Photo Dec 09, 10 57 08 AM Photo Dec 07, 5 45 30 PM xmasbaskey_closeupIMG_6091

During the whole [super fast] Christmas holi-daze, I went to a couple of holiday parties (I didn’t get pictures of those), spent an afternoon volunteering at the FoodLink operations place helping them build “BackPacks” (bags of food) for 1,600 kids throughout the region, and had my annual trip back home to DC.  In DC, I went through a SuperBowl-esque marathon of choosing paint colors for my parent’s house (they’re going through major house renovations), seeing my family friends, my family and my friends all in the DC area.

FoodLink BackPack Volunteer afternoon

But that’s not all folks! I got some DIY time in too 🙂 Those were all Christmas related.

Ornaments: I bought round wooden discs from JoAnn Fabrics in the hopes of making some cute ornaments for friends. I made one successful ornament for a friend with their child’s silhouette, but the 4 other ornaments were total DIY fails. I had attempted to print out family photos and transfer them to the wood, but in the transfer process, the images were all too destroyed to be successful. Oh well, chalk it up to lesson learned – print on better paper and use better quality wood.
Photo Dec 14, 3 52 57 PM  Photo Dec 20, 10 06 21 PM  Photo Dec 18, 10 41 05 PM

My Christmas hanging basket with the ornaments hack.

I pulled out some old wine glasses and drew a bunch of stippled dots on them using a gold Sharpie marker. That was about a night’s worth of dotting. It looked great! But in less than 24 hours, during an unfortunate moment of me trying to figure out how to work them into a little holiday vignette, one of the glasses hit the deck. And shattered. *sighs* But I still have the one left!
Photo Dec 14, 9 27 49 PM  Photo Dec 15, 3 10 46 PM  Photo Dec 15, 5 07 53 PM

Photo Feb 05, 3 01 01 PM

I went with a theme for my gift wrapping this year: brown kraft paper with white paint pen. Every single present I wrapped was in brown paper. Most of them I painted on the decorations using white paint pen (I actually had a lot of trouble trying to find which paint pen worked best on the brown paper, which sucked the paint up, thus making the white color look translucent. I bought and tried 4 before deciding on which ones to use. The most opaque white came from Pen-Touch Permanent Paint Marker, with the 1.0mm Fine Point tip. My second favorite was the Sharpie Oil-Based White Paint Pen because it had a fatter tip, Medium Point.) I had a lot of fun doing this, even if it took up a lot of my time. I thought the end result was really cute!
Photo Dec 24, 10 35 19 PM  Photo Dec 22, 11 42 12 AM  Photo Dec 22, 6 37 00 PM

 Oh and sprinkle in four voice-killing colds that’s been dogging me non-stop since early November. Crazy whirlwind end-of-year times!
Photo Dec 30, 10 28 37 AM

And let me be pre-emptive here, Happy New Year!


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